As some of you already know, I’m joining Red Hat to work on the Fedora Project full time. This is a dream coming true for me, I’ve been involved with Fedora since a few months before its creation, in late 2003 (the times), and although there has been significant variations in the time I could spend on the project, I’ve always been passionately interested with it.

It’s a big career change for me, from C-S and the world of commercial engineering services companies, to an open community and a cooperation-based project, backed by a software company, one of the most meaningful in the world. I am super-excited :-)

I’m joining the Fedora Engineering team, and I’ll be working with excellent hackers, some of which I already had the chance to work with these last years. My work will mainly consist in coding on python-based web apps to help the Fedora project, either by creating new ones or by contributing to the open source projects we use (for example, Mailman).

I leave behind me a lot of great people, but only their “colleague” hat, hopefully not their “friend” hat, since I am determined to keep in touch. I’m also leaving the technical leadership of Vigilo, an open-source monitoring solution based on Nagios, in the very capable hands of François. I’m not the least worried about it, he’ll do a great job.

I will try to keep this blog updated with my progress on the different tasks I’ll be working on, but let’s be realistic: it’s not the first time I decide to update my blog more often. Hopefully this new opportunity will give me the fuel I need to write. Expect updates, but don’t bet too much on them at first. I’ll be blogging my Fedora activities in English, since it’s the language I’ll be working with now, and the one my new colleagues will understand. Maybe I’ll have the courage to write a french version too, we’ll see.

OK, enough talking, let’s write some code and help people.