HyperKitty development used to happen on the fedorahosted.org platform, using the Bazaar version control system. The reason for this was that the rest of the Mailman developers were all using Bazaar, so it made sense for us to use it too in order to facilitate contributions.

But the fact is that the three main HyperKitty developers are much more at ease with Git than with Bazaar. I for one organized a migration from Subversion to Git in my previous job, where our SVN repositories had an “original” structure, and needed a lot of scripting to convert them to Git branches. I also integrated Git in our previous workflow and continuous integration server (Buildbot). That’s when I learned many of Git’s underlying tools (the plumbing commands), so I’m very familiar with it.

All in all, the move to Git makes sense now, and we chose the Github platform for hosting the code. It’s very popular and we hope it will limit the friction to contribute. Thanks to Git’s distributed nature we are not locked on Github, so the fact that it’s closed source is not too much of a problem for us. The ticketing system, the wiki and the mailing-lists stay on fedorahosted.org however, Github is only for code hosting.

Here are the new HyperKitty repositories: https://github.com/hyperkitty. Feel free to fork and contribute !