Hey y’all !

It’s been a long time since you last heard about HyperKitty, don’t you think? Here are the main new features that landed recently:

  • Unread tracking! This is something very useful in a web forum context that many users rely on. When you’re logged into HyperKitty, it will remember which threads you’ve read and when you’ve read them. When you come back to the month view, the threads that have new replies will be highlighted. When you read those threads, the new messages themselves will be highlighted.
  • When viewing a thread with unread messages, you get a mini navigation bar in the bottom right corner which allows you to jump through the unread messages. There are even hotkeys available! (hover the links to see them)
  • Search engine! HyperKitty now uses the Whoosh indexing library to give you full-text search results. You can even search across multiple mailing-lists in a single swoop.
  • Fixes across the board, especially in the timezone handling. When you have an international community such as Fedora, you have to get those right.

You can try out HyperKitty on this mirror of the Fedora-devel mailing-list. It’s a development server so it may be broken when you look at it; if so just come back later.

Hope you’ll like it!