….aaaaaaand it happened. The Mailman team just released version 3.0. Three weeks ago, OK I’m late, but that’s nothing on a Mailman-scale ;-)

Here’s the official announcement. You’ll learn there that the first alpha release for 3.0 was published a little over 7 years ago. That’s a “seven”, not a “one”. I won’t paraphrase the announcement, but I’d like to thank all the people who made this release possible over the years. Mailman 3 is complete rewrite of the popular mailing-list server that is used all over the world to create communities. The new software architecture is really sound and clean, and makes it possible to create great addons. Such as HyperKitty. HyperKitty 1.0 was released at the same time as Mailman 3.0, and is part of the Mailman suite.

People are already starting to install this new version and think about migrating their old list servers. There’s a piece of software called Mailman-bundler to help you setup the whole Mailman suite quickly and test it out, but for a real production server you may want to rely on individual packages and custom configuration.

Come talk to us on IRC (#mailman on freenode) if you have any issue setting it up!

Thanks again to the wonderful Mailman team and all those who contributed over the years. Mailman 3 is going to be legendary :-)